Certification Questions

Are you ready to take your certification exam? Find out with a set of sample questions that cover multiple topics and will give you a good idea what kind of questions will appear on the test. These practice questions are available for all SAS Certification exams.

  1. Base SAS Certification Questions
  2. Advanced SAS Certification Questions
  3. Clinical Trials Programming Certification Questions
  4. SAS Advanced Predictive Modeling Certification Questions
  5. SAS Text Analytics, Time Series, Experimentation and Optimization Questions
  6. SAS Statistical Business Analysis Questions
  7. SAS BI Content Development Questions
  8. SAS Visual Analytics Exploration and Design Questions
  9. SAS Big Data Preparation, Statistics, and Visual Exploration Questions
  10. SAS Big Data Programming and Loading Questions
  11. SAS Data Integration Development Questions
  12. SAS Data Quality Steward Questions
  13. SAS Platform Administration Questions